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5 Tips For Back To School

Updated: Nov 19, 2018


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By Carol Salinas

Summer is almost over and the Back to School season begins. For many, this is also a very stressful time. Don’t worry! VIBE105 has the top 5 tips for getting back into the routine.

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A good way to stay organized (and keep the stress / anxiety at bay) is to make a list of things you need to get or things you need to do in order to make getting back into the routine as easy as possible. Remember to prioritize anything that has timely deadlines and don’t let procrastination get in the way! This will definitely come in handy when you’re looking at the many assignments or activities that you are juggling.

​2. Look For Ways To Save!

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As a student, or a parent, we all want to save money when it comes to school supplies. Shop around and don’t wait ‘til the last minute to pick up what you need! Compare prices or try price matching. Try to avoid malls and instead head to department stores like Walmart or Staples. This time of year, all school supplies will be on sale so shop while you can as things can quickly go out of stock.

3. Keep A Consistent Sleep Schedule

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We know it’s easier said than done but believe it or not, having a consistent sleep schedule will actually be better in the long run. Try to get up and go to sleep at the same time at least a week ahead of time ​so that your body (and brain!) can get used to the routine. Who knows! You might just find yourself better rested and less stressed.

4. Stay Active

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While life might get busy with all the assignments that will quickly pile up, it’s recommended that you stay active with activities that keep you happy. Whether it’s yoga classes, playing chess or making music, there’s something for everyone. By taking care of yourself and providing an outlet in your busy schedule, you’ll be able to stay more positive.

5. Time Is Key

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We all have the same 24 hours in a day but it all depends how you use them. While things might seem overwhelming at first, dedicate time to do certain things – like studying – or those readings no one likes. Whether it’s tackling those essays or doing research, staying ahead of your deadlines will (hopefully keep you sane). Just remember, going back to school doesn’t have to be stressful! These tips can help you stay on track and stay prepared for the school year ahead.

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