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The story of #Molinard, the venerable #Grasse perfumer is an interesting family history that has developed throughout five generations, forging a legacy with a passion for creation. It is not only the story of a perfume that has defies time, but also it is a luxurious item that has remained its values and maintained its exacting standards of excellence, quality and tradition.

The story of this #Perfume began in 1849, when Hyacinthe Molinard, the founder of this company set up a small company in Grasse to sell Eaux de Fleurs. Molinard´s shop was a quick attraction for the wealthy clientele, including Queen Victoria. Therefore, it became a shining beacon of quality French craftsmanship.

Today, Molinard is living its fifth generation of perfumers with the leadership of the first woman executive, Célia Leraouge-Bénard, a passioner of perfumes, with nature for creativity and with an artistic soul. Therefore, now Célia has the opportunity to share her vision of perfume since the female perspective with the world.

According to Célia Leraouge-Bénard – what makes the wealth of their perfumes, it is the materials which compose them and this happens due to the fact that Grasse enjoys an extraordinary geographical position and an incomparable climate, creating unique lands and soils that are perfect for growing perfume flowers.

That is to say, exquisite ingredients are used to make incomparable perfumes and that is the ímpetus and quintessence of all Molinard creations. Therefore, if you are the typical person interested in testing rare and incomparable perfumes, without hesitation, you should purchase one of the Molinard scents such as Nirmala, an exquisite addiction to epicurean sensuality.

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