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Positive and Negative aspects of Cancun as tourist destination

Updated: Oct 25, 2018

Introduction Undoubtedly, Cancun is one of the best national and international tourist destinations that Mexico offers to the public, because you can do a wide range of leisure activities there. Nevertheless, this paradisiac place located in the Caribbean ocean has got its own negative aspects, product of a lack governmental support to its indigenous people.

Positive aspects Being a world wide tourist place, Cancun has a vast variety of gorgeous landscapes in which tourists either local o international ones can enjoy its beauty, as well as its outdoor activities. For instance, in this magic place you will be able to practise snorkeling, canoeing or scuba-diving, being witness of colourful fish and superb coral formations, which are not common in other parts of the world.

Negative aspects Owing to the fact that Cancun is an international destination, its costs of accommodation, as well as its packages tours have increased in the recent years, and to make matters worst, its prices have increased due to the most hotel industry comes from abroad.

Moreover, Cancun characterises of being a holiday destination full of contrast, since if you are in the tourist spot, you will never see the poverty that prevails in the suburbs where the local people live, who in their majority, have to work in the luxurious multinational hotels, because tourism in this place is the main financial source.

Suggestions From my perspective, I consider that government should provide more support to the indigenous inhabitants, improving the image of their neighbourhoods so that tourists interested in experiencing a local tourism can do it.

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